The "Taxi Company" in the "Netherlands" for the area of Eindhoven, Valkenswaard and Waalre.

We are a Dynamic, Young and Multi-functional Taxi Company located in Waalre, which provides your transportation throughout the Netherlands. Naturally we also provide your transport in the Eindhoven and Valkenswaard area. We can offer you the following options:



Quick and Safe Taxi transportation from A to B in one of our luxury-cars through the area of Eindhoven, Valkenswaard & Waalre or any other destination in the "Netherlands" 

Group / Mini-bus Transportation

More than 5 person's up to 8? How much can you handle? 

Airport Service

Airport Service: To al the (International Airport's) in the E.U. "ONLY THE SKY IS OUR LIMMIT"!

School Transportation

"Your future, and Our safe & careful obligation"

Executive Transportation

Just To "Work" or more "Plesurable Ocasions" 

Wheel-chair Transportation

"The extra Mile" in your oppertunities!

Health-care Transportation

Driving to a "Thriving condition...."

If you have any special wishes in regards to your transport, we are always happy to hear them from you!

Your "Taxi–Comfort Team" hopes to welcome you in one of our cars very soon!